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"COMPARE-SOUND-STD" patch without X and Y (Pedal Ext.1)
« le: 31 juillet 2015, 18:36:21 »

Hello to all boys,

This file is not a sound ready for use .....

but a way to make a comparison between an AMP STD, and one change, always the same AMP
When you edit multiple parameters, there is no "UNDO" function! with the programming of 'amplifier !
around the problem with this basis patches (attached file for FW 18.12)
So you will have two identical amplifiers, and one will go amended, but to go from an amplifier std, to the the Custom, we use the expression pedal EXP 1
This is a system for those approaching without much experience on the parameters.
The link-forum ITA, there are instructions with pictures.
Patch COMPARE senza X & Y

The patches provides 3 scenes.

1) Amplifiers dry, without Overdrive
2) Amplifiers dry, with Overdrive
3) Amplifiers with Overdrive and Delay.

So as to understand whether the changes are good in all 3 situations.
Although it seems "elementary" as a system, this can help to better understand the parameters of the amplifier, but also those in the Cabinet

I hope he can help new users understand Axe Fx  ::)

Cheers SPX90


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